Holden Village

Last Monday, June 4, I went to Holden Village. Talk about remote. To get there I took a three hour boat ride up Lake Chelan, which was cloudy that day:


When we reached the Lucerne landing, buses from Holden were there to take us 12 miles up the mountain (with 9 switchbacks in the first mile) to the village.


My room, though rustic, had a nice vantage point onto the central gathering point of the village.


Holden is high in the Cascade mountains, with some breathtaking views I would never have in my beloved Adirondacks. The weather was not so good much of the time, sod this is what I typically saw, if I could see anything:




But when things cleared up, then this is what I could see:


On Thursday I was able to take a nice little hike to the nearby falls with some friends:


Proof that I was there:


Holden was a copper mine until more than 50 years ago. The mining company sold the land to the Lutheran Church for $1, and the Holden Village is now celebrating their 50th anniversary as a retreat center and religious community.

It’s amazing how they transformed the old gymnasium of the company town into the village’s worship space:



It was a decent week, but I was ready to return to civilization on Friday. The weather was beautiful, which made for a great boat trip back down the lake:




The album, with slightly larger pictures and download options, can be found here:



Author: Dan Griswold

A good life is motivated by love. My loves: the Triune God, family, music, friends, parishioners, theology.

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